The March on Washington


On August 28, 1963, 300,000 African Americans gathered around Washington, D.C., for a political rally known as the March on Washington for Jobs, Equality, and Freedom. Originally organized by a number of civil rights and religious groups, the event was created to shed light on the political and social challenges African Americans faced across the country. The march, which became a key in the growing struggle for civil rights in the United States, sparked a fire in Martin Luther’s “I Have a Dream” speech, a call for racial justice and equality.

Not only did the march impact equality in the U.S. but rather more of the recognition that all of the individuals including blacks are created equal that have the same individual rights. The march literally brought the U.S.down in shame and utter recognition that all men are created equal especially blacks. The march did bring much of a end of racial conflicts between the whites and blacks.

The march was very successful. More than 200,000 black Americans shared a joyous day of speeches, songs, and prayers. Dr. Martin Luther King’s roaring speech climaxed the day; through his persuasiveness, the phrase “I Have a Dream” became an expression of the highest goal for the black people.

It was in my opinion one of the most memorable marches in the U.S. with the U.S. government recognizing that the mistake that they had made was a very serious one.

The March on Washington by William P. Jones 


The March on Washington

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